A quick development note or two.  Little Elf finally has her first proper, grown-up word and the word is “No!”, said with a firm shake of the head, a defiant little pout and beetling brows (she’s definitely developing my eyebrows, poor thing).  I suspect she genuinely said “Yes” this morning but that could have been a sharp intake of breath before saying “No”.

She’s also insisting on doing up her own shoes, speading her own toast with Nutella and reading the latest issue of the BECTU union magazine before anyone else.  She’s now two days short of nineteen months.  She can’t actually manage the velcro on her shoes but isn’t about to give up.  Not without a tantrum and a far-flung shoe, anyway.  She also attempted to climb out of her cot for the first time yesterday.

Oh dear.


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4 responses to “Words

  • gumbomum

    Oh, she sounds wonderful! My son’s first word was “no” — my daughter’s was “yes.” That summed up their personalities as toddlers, but then at age 7 or so there was a complete switch and my daughter is now the naysayer and my son is very agreeable and easygoing.

  • bsouth

    Oh dear indeed. A month or so down the line and I’m not faring much better. My three year old has just started tackling buckles – it all makes for great fun when we’re trying to leave the house in the morning!

  • Achelois

    Wow! She can already say no?! Wow 😀

  • Achelois

    Oh and I read a study somewhere (can’t recall name of the paper now) that babies who learn how to put on their shoes before their 2nd birthday have high IQ. Always knew that about your kids 🙂

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