Odin and Loki and the theft of Odin’s treasure

– I don’t want you to read me a story. I want you to make one up.

Ulp. I’m out of inspiration. I’ll have to steal something. Greek? No -Nordic! Loki! Hell – I can’t remember any. Animals? Changing? Aren’t tricksters shape-changers? Perhaps if I just start…

– Odin and Loki…

Odin and Loki were two brothers. Odin was the elder and Loki, therefore, was the younger. Odin had one eye – how he lost it is another story – and Loki had two. Odin also had two ravens who flew all over the world and told Odin what was going on.

Now Odin had a house full of treasure – a treasure house – and Loki was very jealous of it and wanted to steal the treasure. But a raven guarded it at all times.

– I thought the ravens flew all over the world looking out for things?

– Well…One of them did whilst the other stayed behind and looked after the treasure house.

– So they took it in turns?

– Exactly! So…

Loki puzzled for ages how he could manage to sneak in and steal Odin’s treasure but couldn’t think of anything. Finally, he had an idea. He’d noticed how the raven would, every now and then, swoop down and grab something to eat from the ground near the treasure house then carry on guarding. So he turned himself into a worm and laid himself out in view of the bird who flew down and…

– Ate him!

– Yup. Or swallowed him whole…

Then Loki wriggled and writhed in the birds stomach until the raven felt so queasy that he…

– Loki turned into himself and the bird exploded!

– Ah, not quite…

…until the raven felt so queasy that he threw up. Then the worm fell into the treasure house and turned into Loki. The bird couldn’t see him as he was looking outside for thieves and Loki felt very pleased with himself and giggled a lot.

– Wouldn’t the bird have heard him?

– No, he giggled very quietly.

– Like this? Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh…

– Pretty much. Anyway…

Loki gathered an armful of treasure and ran away out of the house through the backdoor which was (deep breath) locked from the inside so that you couldn’t open it from the outside but could escape if you were already inside. If you see what I mean. The bird only saw him when it was too late and as he was running away, didn’t get a good look at his face.

So Odin came back and the bird had to report that some of his treasure had been stolen. Odin couldn’t believe it but went inside and had a look and had to admit that some treasure had definitely gone missing.

The next day, Loki tried the same trick and the bird fell for it again. Odin was very suspicious and decided to hide and see what happened. He hid in a bush near the house and saw Loki saunter up and turn into a worm. The raven swooped down but, quick as a flash, Odin jumped out, grabbed the bird’s throat and pulled out the worm before the bird could swallow it. Loki was terrified but didn’t dare turn back for fear of what Odin would do. Odin held the worm up and looked at it then went down to the river and…

– What do you think he did?

– He used him as BAIT!

– Exactly!

Odin took the worm and put him on a hook then flung the line far out into the middle of the huge river. Loki was terrified. When he saw a big pike coming close enough to gobble him up, he quickly turned back into himself and stood there in the middle of the river, cold and soaking and begging for mercy. Odin was so pleased at having outwitted Loki that he let him off on this occasion, though he took all the treasure back.

– Didn’t Loki have any of his own?

– Well, probably. But he was the kind of person who liked to steal other peoples.

– Did Odin have all of it?

– Loki definitely had some. But Odin had a lot.

– How much was an armful? Five pieces of treasure? Ten pieces?

– I think about ten. Mummy’s turn.


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