Theology – “I know the trickiest question in the world!”

It’s quite late. Dudelet (age 6) is finishing a rather improvised tea.

“I know the trickiest question in the world”

“What’s that?”

“At the beginning of the universe, who made God?”

“Hmm. That is tricky. I really don’t know.”

“You’ve got three guesses. Then I’ll have three.”

“Okay. Er…God started at the same moment the universe started.”

“That’s number one.”

“God is actually a junior god and he was made by another god.”

“What? Another god made god.”

“Well, yes. Why not?”

“You’ve got one left.”

“There is no God.”

“Yes there is! If there isn’t a god, who made us? God made us!”

“Who told you that?”

“I don’t know. I’ve always known it.”

“But someone must have told you.”

“Can’t remember. My go. God is made out of dust.”

“That’s interesting. I quite like that. What’s your next guess?”

“God is in an egg. When the egg hatched, – this is what Miss C told us the Chinese say – there was actually a giant in the egg and she was actually a goddess and she made lots of models of men and women out of clay. Then she got a vine and went all around the world making marks in the clay and each model came to life. And that’s how the world started.”

“I really like that. That’s amazing.”

“And then there was a crack in the world and lots of water came out and flooded everywhere. And the giant tried to stop the crack but the water kept coming on coming…”

“A lot of different stories seem to have a myth about this.”

“Oh – I forgot. The sky fell down to the earth. And the giant had to hold it up.”

“I think there’s a Greek story about that too. What’s your third guess?”

“That was two guesses in one.”

Later, supermum came in and he told the story all over again. Then he announced that we had to have another three guesses and things got complicated. I never did find out who told him God made us but we have our suspicions.


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