Another short burst of little elf speak

It’s Tuesday. It’s time for an update on little elf and her decidedly telegraphic language skills.

She discovered adjectives! Or, at any rate, ‘big’. She’s also discovered verbs, though through implication and intonation rather than explicit statement. “Dad mama TEA!” does service for “Dada make mummy some tea.” (“Please!” “‘Ese.”)

“Help’” however, is now a fixture. She’s probably so used to hearing us offer to help her that it’s hardly surprizing how, after ‘do’, it’s her most used verb. I suspect ‘go’ may soon be joining it.

So here’s a quick summary of a few Words of the Week from little elf at 2 years and 4 months.

“Dada choo-choo?” – Are you going on the train, daddy?

“Dada choo-choo. DADA CHOO-CHOO!” – Dada get on the train and go away. Now.

“‘ilp…me.” – Help me.

“Dada ‘ilp baba.” – Dad help baba.

“Mama ‘ilp me.’ – Mummy help me.

“Ta!” – guitar.

“Wo-wo!” – Wriggles. [Oh Christ, the Wriggles.]

“Dada wowo me.” – Dada put the Wriggles on for me.

“Bi’ ouse.” – Big house.

[Hides under table screaming with hands over ears.] – Leave me alone.

[Pushes me, dudelet or supermum through a door and closes it in our face.] – Leave me alone.

[Throws herself at my leg like a mantrap and clamps herself around it.] – I’m happy to see you. Can you put the Wriggles on? Now get on a train and go away.

I should also add that her rabbits now have a name – Bibi. I have no idea where that’s come from but it definitely isn’t ‘baby’. All her babies are called Lola. No prizes for guessing the etymology in that particular case.


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3 responses to “Another short burst of little elf speak

  • J

    I love all of this. I miss my daughter being that age. Her first baby doll was named ‘baby’, until her name changed to ‘Samanda’, which I’ll admit I liked a lot.

  • Achelois

    Our little monster was sent a teddy by a blogger friend and he grabbed it and yelled “bibi”! I think it is universal kiddies term for … something 🙂

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