I did a guest post. How weird is that?

Or rather, I did a guest meta-post over at Only Dads on the challenges facing dads in 2011. Only I didn’t.

It turned out to be almost bloody impossible – I found myself hyper-sensitive to the audience, the subject, the deadline…I ended up dumping cut down versions of all my failed attempts and packing that off  in desperation. Possibly I should have asked for a tighter brief.

Anyway, it’s for a blogger who campaigns and works tirelessly for single fathers but in a balanced, down-to-earth kind of way and I was honoured to be asked. Thanks, Bob!


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4 responses to “I did a guest post. How weird is that?

  • Pippy

    In the tangible world, parenting in the UK seems to be quite a private thing.

    Our parent friends may witness our parenting challenges, they may agree or disagree or wonder at our rationale and visa versa. In my experience, rarely does anyone speak up about a friend’s parenting (directly to them), without being asked, and if they do, even if well meaning, are we open minded to their comments, comments from people who, unlike experts, are offering their insight because they a caring friend.

    Every parent and child and family situation is going to be unique really isn’t it, because as organisms we are unique and on top of that the path of life will be different for all of us. Even two people viewing the same scene will come away with different memories and feelings. A challenge to one may be an enjoyment of parenting to another.

    What’s your biggest challenge now? Is it the same as last year or last month? Parenting is fluid, moving, difficulties we learn to live with become norms and new situations arise. Speaking for ourself can be hard enough. Speaking for many, probably impossible, that becomes like some of the ‘experts’, and it’s probably best for me not to start on that rant. (But I”m happy to – just ask me about the conference where a survey suggested over 50% of parents felt their child obesity wasn’t their fault and the short sighted judgements made by experts who laughed and asked whose fault was it).

    As parents though we can observe and listen to other parents without judgement and remember as a group we’re probably very powerful. Equally we can’t offer advice others should follow, only share our thoughts and our own experiences and let them decide how to move forward. Perhaps?

    Parenting is, I believe, one of the hardest jobs there is, undervalued and often ignored until things go wrong, then though we as a society (parents included), we judge harshly.

    I think most parents just want the best for their kids. How to give them this, for me, is my biggest challenge.

  • Mwa (Lost in Translation)

    I should have asked for a tighter brief. *giggles*

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