Quick Monday Improvised Podcast #1

Notes on Suzanne Collins’ Catching Fire and hammered dulcimer black metal.

Oh, and here’s a link to some sample tracks by Botanist, the musician I mention.

Does anyone ever actually listen to this sort of thing?

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9 responses to “Quick Monday Improvised Podcast #1

  • Metajugglamum

    I’m feeling blonde. And stupid. And ignorant. Again. All at once.

    If you’re looking for me (don’t be daft MJM), I’ll be googling. Lots.

    I’m sure this was an inspired post … I’m just a bit lost. For now.

    MJM x

  • Metajugglamum

    … but I did notice that you changed the name while I was writing that comment. Does that win me a few days respite to catch up ??

  • phoenixaeon

    Hmm. I’m tempted to read The Hunger Games trilogy again. I read them so fast when I first got them that I don’t remember much about them now, and I can in a way get away with saying that they are extra-curricular reading for the myths course, as there is the underlying Theseus story to the books.

    • Dad Who Writes (Gabriel)

      Theseus and The Running Man (as Stephen King gently reminded everyone is his original review of The Hunger Games. I’m still uncertain about the first book but there’s a bit more to the Catching Fire. I may have to admit that I’m actually enjoying it, though the heroine is very irritating…

      • phoenixaeon

        I think there’s also a bit of Battle Royale about it too. But the whingy heroine, yeah. Seems a bit of a trend recently in YA novels with a girl as the main character – though to be fair, I haven’t read too much YA of late, I really need to make some time to, but these bloody Greek poets/playwrights are munching all my time!

  • bsouth

    What does YA stand for? I’ve been meaning to ask for a while and never quite got around to it.

    I listened to the track from the Botanist – I think I’ll probably have a few more listens before I decide what I think, but I’m definitely a bit taken.

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