The First Five Pages Of Shaper

…are up at Adventures In YA and Children’s Publishing. Available here, embarrassing typos and all. I’ll be responding to the long, very kindly and constructive critique already left by editor Susan Sipal (she nailed each and every one of the bloody typos – that’ll teach me not to use a laptop to proof read instead of printing it out) later when I’m home from work.

Meanwhile, if any regular readers want a taste of what I’ve been making all this fuss about,  now’s your chance to tackle the first five 1250 words. Which may well be all you need.

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10 responses to “The First Five Pages Of Shaper

  • Kristi

    I loved it! How much have you written so far?

  • Nikkii

    Ooooh – I’m hooked – be interested in your blurb (do you write that last? lol) Excellent feedback on the site posted, tho I tend to take things at face value and assumed that the servant chappie knew your main character had lost his memory… then again I’ve read a bucketload of SF/Fantasy/Teen Fiction over the last 30 years so bring assumptions a young reader may not consider.

  • P

    Well yes of course, purple is a very important colour. And with Water Gypsies what delights. I LOVE it.

  • Selina Kingston

    Wow! So impressed. I really want to read on to find out more. Big congratulations to you – very talented.

  • phoenixaeon

    Finally catching up with the outside world. Have just had a read – yeah, it’s coming along nicely, isn’t it? 🙂 One thing that’s still niggling me though: Jerald thinks he needs to be careful about things, but he very easily trusts Sandis. I know he says he’s there to protect Jerald, but Jerald doesn’t know if he can completely trust that statement, otherwise he wouldn’t be feeling any suspicion at all. But grrr! I so want to know more about the Shapers!

  • Beth MacKinney

    Just curious since you mentioned Nanowrimo. Did you find it a little challenging to do the first five pages workshop at the same time that you were Nanoing? This was my hardest Nano year yet, and I didn’t think it through when I jumped into the first five at the same time.

    : ) Beth

    • Dad Who Writes (Gabriel)

      Well, I was actually using #nanowrimo to “power” through the last 50k words of a redraft. But, yes, it was horrendous. Didn’t help that I completely didn’t click that you were supposed to publish one revision a week. But the real stress came from trying to combine it with moving house and organising getting married in early December (we’d allowed about one month – yup, November!)

      Less than stellar time management!

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