Yes, it’s a bit quiet

I’ve a stack of things I want to write about…

…little elf’s best friend a week

…dudelet’s James Bond habit and the perils of GameCube meltdowns

…the new Broooooce album (though I did tweet a song by song as-it-happens review earlier

…a large pile of books

…my struggle to translate and re-structure draft 3.5 of the work-in-progress via index cards

and so on and on.

But I have this ‘anti-job’ interview to get through and its swallowing up my processing capacity like a black hole swallows light and gravity (or a really beastly mixed metaphor swallows one’s will to live, come to think of it. Sorry about that).

Anyway, it’ll all be over by Thursday evening and normal service will be resumed.

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2 responses to “Yes, it’s a bit quiet

  • P

    Sounds like all enveloping human eating rice pudding? Dispatching emergency latex swim cap covered in large 3D flowers (coz they’re awesome and they scare the rice-pudding), lie-low (for floating above it all) and cocktail umbrella (chosen secret weapon) of every superhero.

  • Nikkii

    You just take your time – no hurry – we’ll just talk amongst ourselves ….. *twiddles thumbs*

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