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Writing/Why it’s quiet around here

Unfortunately, I have to sleep. That’s the key problem. If I could drop the sleeping, I could do everything. Though I’d probably end up over-committing the additional 6 or 7 hours I’d clawed back through adopting a non-somniac lifestyle and I’d be back where I started.

Either way, my poor blog is being neglected, bloggers I love aren’t being read and my whole position vis à vis the blogosphere is seriously in doubt.

It’s Writing’s fault.

I’m Writing again at the moment and “Writing” tends to get in the way of any other kind of “writing”. Do you find that, sole-surviving, patient, beloved reader? I’ve committed to the 500 words a day programme ( a kind of reverse twelve step for writers previously in recovery), am doing a creative writing group for people with a substantial Work-In-Progress (or WIP as we Writers like to say) and am generally doing my best to address the nom de blog of Dad Who Writes.

Face it, “Dad Who Doesn’t Write” is nowhere near as snappy.

Oh, and I’ve still got two small children, a full-time job and an ongoing search for the perfect new post that’ll move all of us out of London.

So I’m hardly blogging at the moment and am likely to be very sporadic until I’ve finished the second “reading” draft of what I’m working on in about two months time. I’m still very much about on twitter and you’ll find me on Litopia as well but blogging needs to take a back seat for now. Writing is a core part of the ongoing conversation with myself about who I am and blogging is currently writing deferred.

This will change! So do check in every now and then.

P.S. What am I writing? I’ve shelved the other two novels (one finished but not very good, the other derailed by doing a part-time masters through 06-08) and am powering through a middle grade/young adult novel with a parallel world/magic/science fantasy sort of context. I’m excited about it. I’m pretty clear about what the next two or three following novels could be about and I’m enjoying working on it tremendously. It’s both a big departure from my previous work and a return to what I originally loved best as a reader many years ago. So now you know.